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We have our story and we understand yours.

At Recruit Refugees Ireland we understand the importance of having a story and the importance of you having yours. Our stories help us remember who we are and how to move forward, rebuilding our lives no matter where we once were. We’re looking forward to hearing your story and so, we wish to share ours.

Recruit Refugees Ireland was established by Roos Demol. Inspired by her friends in Direct Provision, Roos wanted to create an organisation that not only helps connect Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Migrants in Ireland to the jobs they want, but to support employers in shaping the future of diversity in Ireland.

The KRAC Cricket Team, composed of residents living in Direct Provision was one of the first great initiatives from Roos Demol and co. A local man turned up to watch a match and he was shocked to hear of the great talent within the walls of the DP centre. As an employer, he recruited an experienced engineer and the idea for Recruit Refugees Ireland was born. 

A board was formed and volunteers were recruited to bring Roos’s vision to life and here we are. A team of professional operational managers, recruiters, business developers and advocates, passionate about inclusion and passionate about your aspirations.

“A job brings home much more than just a pay cheque, it brings families together, creates friendships, inclusion with your community, dignity, growth & so much more. Simply put, it inspires hope, it changes your life.

Roos Demol – CEO RRI

Our Mission

We’re committed to a brighter, more inclusive Ireland that grows a brighter future.

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Together is better and we work with our partners to get you to where you need to be!


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