Let's work together

Offer your Companies Services

With 100's of Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Migrants registered to our services, we want to help direct them to the organisations who can support them in achieving their goals. If you offer a service that offers education, development and support services to this community, we can direct our candidates directly to you.

Promote your Message

We share the same vision and truly believe that together is better. By partnering with RRI, we want to support the promotion of your vital work and ensure both our candidates and corporate partners are aware of our services, opening up a wide network of support for the work you do. We want to celebrate what you do and use our combined reach to generate further support and recognition for us all.

Network for Success

With a host of various corporate organisations, NGOs, Charities and more, we want to open up the door to professional relationships across Ireland. We strive to create a culture of togetherness and would love to welcome you on board. The benefits of collaborative work are endless and set a great precedent for successful corporate and public relations in Ireland.

Embrace collaborative work to reach a shared vision

Let's work together and make a change.

Our Partners

Some great organisations we work with.

John Smith

CEO of Open Doors

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to partner with RRI?

We share knowledge, skills, solutions and opportunities. If your organisation is hosting training and development opportunities, we would happily share this within our talent pool and via all communications channels to help improve your reach.

Campaigns and Fundraising

If you're hosting a campaign or a fundraiser, RRI will support the promotion of your campaign by sharing this with our corporate partners and encouraging wider sponsorship for your cause.

AGMs & Networking

All our partners will be invited to attend our AGM and additional networking organisations so we can share resources, knowledge and ideas, working together to support and achieve our shared vision for a brighter, more inclusive Ireland.

Corporate Partnerships

We work closely with private organisations who support our mission and whose values match our own. If you're a private organisation looking to support the future of inclusion in Ireland, get in touch and find out how at hello@